Representative Clients

Affiliates of Healthtronics, Inc.; ALC Controls, Inc.; Allatoona Family Dental.; Cellular Phone Center, Inc.; Citizens Trust Bank; Cobbs Allen & Hall, Inc.; Gallagher Electric & Engineering Company, Inc.; I.B.I.S., Inc.; Interactive Business Information Systems, Inc.; International Farmers Market; L.A.Drywall; LIB Properties, Inc.; The MaCauley Companies; Merchandising Equipment, Inc.; Morrison Hershfield Corp.; The Muntzing-Sattele Co.; Northeast Physicians Center, LTD.; Peachtree Residential Properties, Inc.; Pension Plan Consultants, Inc.; Planners & Engineers Collaborative, Inc.; Ply-Marts, Inc.; Renova Technologies, Inc.; Southeastern Laundry Equipment Sales, Inc.; Tools and Equipment Warehouse, Inc.